Brow Lift

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Are your eyebrows too low? Do your eyebrows feel heavy? Do your eyes make you look tired? Do your eyes make you look older than you feel? If so, a brow lift may be a solution to your problem.

There are 4 different techniques that can be used to correct your aging brow.

A Direct Brow Lift involves removing forehead tissue just above your eyebrows. The tissue excision is planned so the scar ends up in an existing forehead wrinkle. This is a very precise and simple technique, but leaves a visible scar on your forehead. This technique is most appropriate in people with fair (white) skin and wrinkles on the forehead that can be used to camouflage the scar. We can always laser the scar to improve the appearance, if needed.

An Open Brow Lift is the most appropriate technique for patients with a high hairline and/or a long forehead. An open brow lift places the incision along the hairline and lifts the eyebrows and forehead by removing excess tissue from the forehead side of the incision (not the hair side). This accomplishes 4 goals: elevating the brow, rejuvenating the forehead, reducing the size of the forehead and moving the hairline forward/down.

A Closed (Endoscopic) Brow Lift is the most common technique used to elevate the brows. This technique uses 5 short incisions behind the hairline, hidden within the hair. Through these incisions, the forehead and brows are mobilized and repositioned to a more appropriate location. No tissue is removed.

An Internal Brow Pexy is the least invasive technique. Through an upper eyelid blepharoplasty incision, the undersurface (deep side) of the eyebrow is sutured down to the bone in a more elevated position. Internal brow pexy is the least powerful of the brow lifting technique because it works by “pushing” the brows up from below which is less powerful than pulling from above.

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