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If you have uncomfortably large breasts that are causing physical or mental distress, you may benefit from a breast reduction. This procedure reduces the size of the breasts and lifts them into a lighter, perkier position.

Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates among patients, because it can help to dramatically improve your quality of life.

If you are interested in a breast reduction, call Dr. Ben Brown today at 850-500-7527 to schedule your consultation. Our facility in Pensacola welcomes patients from across Florida, nearby Mobile, Alabama, and throughout the nation.

What are the benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction has many benefits, including:

  • Reducing chronic pain from carrying around heavy breasts
  • Reducing irritation and rashes under the breasts
  • Finding clothes that fit well more easily
  • Avoiding unwanted attention out in public

Large, heavy breasts cause a number of issues, including chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. A breast reduction can help you to feel lighter and move more easily. Many women with large breasts find it difficult to exercise because of their breasts, and after breast reduction are able to start a regular exercise routine that helps them feel healthier and more energetic.

In addition, large breasts often cause issues of self-consciousness when out in public.

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You may attract unwanted stares or attention from other people. A breast reduction can help you to feel more comfortable in public situations, and help you to feel more proportionate overall.

How Small Can You Go With a Breast Reduction?

The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to restore both comfort and ideal contours to the chest. To accomplish this, breasts can be reduced to whatever size you find most appealing, so long as enough tissue is left for proper nipple function.

Your breast reduction procedure will be completely customized to complement your natural contours while meeting your specific desires. During the planning phase of your procedure, we will help you understand all of your options and work directly with you to find the most suitable breast size for your frame.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Reductions?

You may be a good breast reduction candidate if overly large breasts interfere with your physical comfort, range of motion, and clothing options. The best candidates are non-smokers who are in generally good health and have time to rest and recover following surgery.

During your initial consultation, we will carefully evaluate your frame and listen to your concerns to help you determine if breast reduction is the right solution for your needs.

Is Breast Reduction Painful?

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. You will not feel any discomfort during your procedure. There will, however, be some pain, soreness, and bruising in the days following breast reduction. These things will subside as time passes, but the process can be hastened by taking time to rest, using a compression garment, and following all of the directions provided by our office.

We will be happy to discuss pain medications – both OTC and prescription – that may be useful in maintaining optimal comfort during the first few days of recovery.

How much will Breast Reduction Cost?

The cost of your breast reduction may vary. The estimated price involves our board-certified plastic surgeons’ fees as well as other associated expenses, including anesthesia, the surgical facility, and follow-up appointments. Our cost estimator for asleep procedures for breast reduction is $9,500. Dr. Brown will give you a detailed quote during your consultation, where you’ll discuss your goals and the best way to reach your desired breast size.

In many circumstances, your health insurance provider may cover the cost of a breast reduction if you have a documented history of painful symptoms associated with overly large breasts. We will be happy to check with your insurance provider to see if your plan will cover all or part of a breast reduction procedure. Some patients must see multiple medical professionals to document their pain and other symptoms are caused by their breasts and not another medical condition.

If your insurance does not cover it, we also offer plastic surgery financing plans. These plans have flexible payment schedules and low to no interest rates in order to accommodate almost any budget. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about a financing plan during your consultation.

How Can I Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery?

In preparation for breast reduction, you may need to stop using certain herbs, supplements, and medications. If you use tobacco products, you will need to quit at least six weeks in advance of your procedure. These steps will help prevent infection and excessive bleeding, and reduce the risk of thick and visible surgical scars.

Prepare a recovery area at home that will allow you to rest peacefully for the first few days after surgery – and make sure you have a trusted adult to help out with anything that may need doing while you recover. This can help ensure the most pleasing recovery experience and may even help to optimize results.

How Is the Breast Reduction Procedure Performed?

Breast reduction involves the removal of excess tissue and fat from the breast mound along with the excision of unnecessary skin. Depending on the size differential between your current and future breasts, the nipples may also need to be moved into a more central location. All of this is accomplished through incisions which, depending on your needs, may be around the areola alone, around the areola with a vertical incision to the breast crease, or around the areola, vertical to the breast crease, and along the crease itself. We will provide instructions on how to care for your incisions to help minimize the visibility of your surgical scars.

What Is Recovery Like after Breast Reduction?

Most women take one to two weeks off from work for the initial recovery phase, but it may be six weeks or more before you can resume all normal activities – particularly those that are more physically demanding.

Some soreness and swelling are to be expected during the first few weeks of recovery. These things can be addressed through medications, compression garments, and taking several short walks to increase circulation each day. During your follow-up visits, we will assess your progress, address any questions or concerns you have, and do everything possible to make your recovery experience pleasant.

What Can I Expect From My Breast Reduction Surgery Results?

Following breast reduction surgery, your breasts should fit your frame more attractively. If your breasts were causing physical pain, back strain, or physical limitations, breast reduction surgery should be able to improve range of motion and eliminate discomfort as well.

Each woman is unique. The best way to learn what your procedure may be able to do for you is through a one-on-one consultation at our office.

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