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BBL patient in Pensacola, FloridaButt augmentation procedures have been growing in popularity for the past decade or so. Having a nicely shaped backside is widely considered attractive in America, and many women want to enhance their butt to fill out their jeans or shorts better. A Brazilian butt lift is a great body contouring procedure that not only shapes the buttocks, but also areas of the body with excess fat.

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What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a popular surgery to shape and augment the buttocks. During the procedure, liposuction is performed on areas that have excess fat such as the stomach, thighs, or back. This fat is then harvested and injected back into the buttocks to obtain a larger, rounder size and shape.

Fat transfer to the butt often results in a more natural look and feel than using an implant. Additionally, the only scars are the tiny ones measuring less than a centimeter created during liposuction.

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

You may be a good candidate for a BBL procedure if:

  • You have a flat, small, or deflated butt that you feel self-conscious about
  • Your jeans and shorts don’t fit well because your butt can’t fill them out
  • You are in good health and don’t smoke
  • You have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • You are able and willing to avoid sitting and sleeping on your back for at least 1 week
  • You have enough fat in other areas to be harvested and injected

Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Placing pressure on the buttocks after the procedure could cause contour irregularities or deflation. Because of this, recovering from a BBL involves making temporary adjustments to the way you sit and sleep. Most patients feel that these short-term inconveniences are well worth the results.

A general timeline of recovery after BBL surgery looks something like this:

  • Stand or lie on your stomach for 1 week. The only time you can sit is on the toilet.
  • Walk slowly for the first 2 weeks. After this, you can resume brisk walks or jogging.
  • Return to work after 1 or 2 weeks, depending on your job. If you have a standing desk, you can return to the office, but if you must sit, you’ll need to take at least 1 week off.
  • You can sit down again after the first week, as long as you place a cushion under your thighs so that your buttocks are suspended in the air.
  • After 4 weeks, you can lie on your back and sit normally again. You can also resume regular exercise.

Your surgeon will provide you with detailed recovery instructions. It’s important to follow them closely to ensure the best results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

An infographic about the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift.Your Brazilian butt lift will be tailored to your anatomy in order to achieve the best results. Patients should not expect results to look just like their favorite celebrity because each person has a unique body. The buttock size and shape that will look best on you may not be what will look best on someone else.

After your procedure, it can take some time to see your final outcome due to swelling. Once visible, BBL results are meant to be long-lasting. The fat removed with liposuction cannot return to the area. Meanwhile, the fat that remains after being transferred to the buttocks should stay in place indefinitely. You can view before and after photos of our BBL patients in our gallery.

Butt Enhancement Using Implants

If your figure is very slender, you may not have enough fat to harvest for a BBL procedure. Buttock implants can be a good alternative to fat transfer for patients who do not meet this candidacy requirement. You may also consider implants if you want to achieve significant augmentation beyond what a BBL can provide.

Butt implants are made of soft, shaped silicone that is safe for use in the body. They work by adding volume and definition to the backside after surgical placement. Buttock implants are considered permanent and have a high patient satisfaction rating.

In some situations, a combination of fat grafting and implants may be ideal. Your surgeon will recommend an approach based on your physical characteristics and cosmetic goals.

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