Is Body Sculpting Permanent?

Fast Facts:

  • Body sculpting procedures like liposuction remove fat cells from the body
  • Once fat cells are removed, they are gone for good
  • It is possible for fat to return after body sculpting
  • Diet and exercise can help maintain long-lasting body sculpting results

Our bodies have a fixed number of fat cells. They are simply a part of who we are. When we gain weight, we aren’t creating new fat cells; the fat cells we already have are just getting bigger. When we lose weight, our fat cells get smaller.

Body contouring procedures, like liposuction, remove unwanted fat cells from targeted areas. When those fat cells are gone, they cannot be replaced or regenerated. They are gone for good. By eliminating stubborn pockets of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Brown can “sculpt” your body and provide the trim, toned contours you desire.

Although liposuction does permanently remove fat cells from the body, it is possible for fat to return after the procedure – if you let it.

How to Maintain Your Body Sculpting Results

The best way to ensure your body sculpting results are long-lasting is to maintain your ideal body weight. The following tips can help:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Never skip meals
  • Try eating several smaller meals throughout the day
  • Drinks lots of water to stay properly hydrated
  • Eat a nutritious, low-calorie diet focused on proteins and healthy carbohydrates
  • Follow all of Dr. Brown’s postoperative instructions

Weight Gain After Body Contouring

If you gain a small amount of weight – five pounds, for example – your body’s fat cells will get slightly larger. While minor weight gain can diminish your results, your generally-improved figure will still be visible, because the treated areas will have less fat cells, and thus experience a lower enlargement rate.

If you gain a considerable amount of weight, however, new fat cells can emerge in every area of your body, including the areas you had treated. It is worth noting that the creation of new fat cells usually happens evenly throughout the body, so fat may still accumulate less in the treated areas, compared to other areas that were not treated. This means that many patients who gain weight after a body sculpting procedure still look better than if they had never undergone the procedure at all.

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