I Got My First Botox Treatment, Now What?

Botox An estimated 11 million people have used Botox, but if you are new to the popular injectable or just got your first treatment, you might not know what to expect. Botox is the medical form of botulinum toxin, a type of injectable that relaxes the muscles to help smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines. 

Botox is similar to Dysport, another popular type of dermal filler. And while Botox is one of the most cosmetic treatments available today, it is still a type of medical procedure with associated post-treatment side effects and guidelines to follow.

What You Will See After Botox

Your team at Restore Plastic Surgery will explain the entire recovery process, including what you can expect to see in the days and weeks to come. Immediately after your injections, you might notice some redness, tenderness, or swelling at the injection sites. Minor bruising is also possible, particularly around the eyes and mouth. 

The results of Botox usually take about two weeks to manifest fully. You will usually start seeing results within 3-5 days following treatment, with the full impact visible within 14 days. Some patients notice results on one side of the face first—don’t worry! Your results will balance out for a more symmetrical appearance within that two-week window.

Things to Avoid After Your Botox Treatment

Immediately after your treatment, try not to touch the area. This increases the risk of various complications, including additional bleeding, spreading of the product, or uneven results. We also advise patients to remain upright for four hours after injections—in short, no laying down—to prevent product migration away from its intended area.

In addition, consider these best practices for the first 24 hours to maximize your results of your first Botox treatment:

  • Avoid strenuous activities or exercise that could cause your face to flush 
  • Refrain from rubbing or massaging the treatment areas  
  • Use proper sun protection, as UV radiation breaks down injected products

Botox is a fast and safe way to rejuvenate your look. Your provider will review the best practices for a complication-free treatment during your appointment. Schedule your Botox appointment today by calling our Gulf Breeze, FL, office at 850-500-7527 or visiting us online at www.restoreplasticsurgery.com

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