How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

A young blonde woman in a white bikini reclines in a wicker chair with her hands behind her headWaxing and shaving can really be a drag! In Pensacola, where you could find yourself throwing on a sundress in January, daily shaving can lead to rashy, irritated skin. Plus, there is the inconvenience of shaving in every daily shower. Waxing comes with its own costs, and the potential to tear skin if performed improperly.

Laser hair removal is an ideal option for people in Florida who want lasting hair reduction. This popular procedure cannot guarantee permanent results, but the vast majority of patients find that they have mostly permanent results with the exception of a touch-up appointment every so often.

Some people are interested in laser hair removal but afraid of what the treatment will feel like. We completely understand this concern but want you to know our patients report it’s worth it! Worth the appointment time, the effort, the cost and the minimal discomfort. Some patients report no pain at all. Others say the pulses of laser energy feel like a quick snap of a rubber band against the skin. We may suggest a topical anesthetic if you are particularly sensitive. We want you to feel confident and comfortable about any non-surgical treatment you choose.

We help you achieve optimal results with precise scheduling. You’ll need multiple sessions (at least 2-3). Facial hair reduction must be spaced 3-4 weeks apart, while body sessions will be 6-8 weeks apart. The spacing is important. If you were to go too long in between sessions, the results could be negatively affected. We schedule your appointments to obtain optimal, effective and lasting results.

Many people find that about 90 percent of the hair growth in the treated area is gone for good once they have had 4-8 laser removal treatments. Even if you don’t experience 100 percent permanent results, you are highly likely to notice a big difference from what you were able to achieve with shaving and waxing.

If you are interested in laser hair removal in Pensacola, please call Restore Plastic Surgery at 850-500-7527. Our guests visit us from across Florida, Alabama and all of the surrounding region.

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