Can a Reconstructed Breast Get Cancer?

Fast Facts:

  • Breast cancer can return in certain cases, whether the breast has been reconstructed or not.
  • Breast reconstruction does not increase or decrease the risk of recurrent breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer treatment often requires a procedure called a mastectomy, in which part or all of one or both breasts is removed.
  • Breast reconstruction rebuilds or reshapes one or both breasts following mastectomy to create a natural bust appearance.

The term “recurrent breast cancer” describes the return of cancer to the same or opposite breast after time has passed in which cancer was not detected During a mastectomy or lumpectomy, all cancer that can be observed or felt is removed. However, cancer tests are not sensitive enough to identify tiny isolated groups of cancer cells that may remain after surgery. These groups can sometimes survive the chemotherapy and radiation therapy that are performed to minimize the risk of recurrence. Unfortunately, even one cell that survives treatment can multiply and develop into a tumor.

Cancer In a Reconstructed Breast

If you’ve undergone breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, the build-up of scar tissue or dead fat cells in the reconstructed breast may cause the formation of harmless lumps. This type of lump is not cancer. However, it is still important to inform your doctor about any lumps you detect in your breast so that they can be monitored for any change in tenderness or size.

Mammograms are not usually recommended for reconstructed breasts. New lumps can be monitored through clinical breast exams. An MRI may also be recommended.

If breast cancer returns in a reconstructed breast, the skin flap or implant used to rebuild the breast may need to be removed. In some cases, it is possible for the breast to be fully reconstructed again at a later date. It’s important to discuss all of your options with your doctor and plastic surgeon.

Your Choice of Breast Reconstruction Surgeon Matters

Dr. Ben Brown have built a reputation for excellence in the field of breast reconstruction. Not only does Restore Plastic Surgery offer the most breast reconstruction options in the region, we are one of the very few practices in the country that perform DIEP flap breast reconstruction. This advanced technique “naturally” reconstructs the breast using the patient’s own skin, fat, and underlying blood vessels harvested from the abdominal area. We welcome patients from across the country and around the world for this highly effective procedure.

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