Are You Tired of Looking Tired? It Might be Time to Consider Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty Dark and puffy skin beneath the eyes can create the appearance of constant exhaustion. Sometimes this is accurate, and a person is truly tired. In these cases, maybe a little more rest would be helpful. More often, however, dark circles and bags beneath the eyes are simply a part of the aging process – and no amount of rest or relaxation will do anything to stop them.

Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as an eyelid lift or eyelid surgery, is a wonderful option for people experiencing discoloration and lax skin underneath the eyes. Lower blepharoplasty focuses on this area, restoring a well-rested, uniformly colored, and wrinkle-free appearance to the lower eyelids and sockets.

Lower blepharoplasty is often combined with upper blepharoplasty for a completely rejuvenated look. Upper blepharoplasty lifts the upper lids into a more alert position, eliminating wrinkles in the process.

At Restore Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Brown takes every care to create the most natural-looking results, allowing your eyes to look more awake and youthful without producing an unpleasant owl-like appearance. Please view our before and after gallery for examples of how Dr. Brown has helped previous patients.

What About Eyebrows?

Like droopy eyelids and dark, puffy half-moons underneath the eyes, sagging eyebrows are common with age. Blepharoplasty does not address this issue, but forehead lift does – and these two procedures are ideally suited to complement one another.

In addition to lifting eyebrows, a brow lift can smooth deep creases across the forehead and eliminate the wrinkles between the eyes (the 11s or frown lines in common parlance) to create a better-rested and more attractive upper face. Dr. Brown offers a range of forehead lift options, including endoscopic surgery, allowing him to address any concern with the least invasive and most effective option available.

What if I’m not Ready for Surgery?

If you’re not interested in a surgical option, several injectable treatments can temporarily address wrinkles and creases throughout the face. These cannot, however, eliminate dark skin from underneath the eyes. During your initial consultation, Dr. Brown will carefully assess your areas of concern and discuss your treatment options to help you choose the best choice for your needs.

Please call Restore Plastic Surgery at 850-500-7527 to schedule your initial consultation at our Gulf Breeze office. We serve Pensacola and all nearby areas of Florida.

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